Supporting The Sole Survivor Of Suicide, Homicide

By Lindsay Nielsen

May 24, 2012 Updated May 25, 2012 at 4:57 AM EDT

(WBNG Binghamton) Just days after Broome County responds to one of the worst domestic violence tragedies in its history, the sole survivor greets friends and family as she mourns the loss of her daughter.

Melissa Oney walked into Coleman and Daniels Funeral Home with supporters at each arm, as she with one bandaged foot, required crutches to make her way inside.

She is there to greet friends and family to be consoled following the death of her 3-year-old daughter.

Oney's husband, Larry killed himself and the couple's daughter Allison on Saturday in their home in Triangle.

The mood at the Endicott funeral parlor was somber.

People were too overcome with grief to share memories of Allison.

Larry cut Melissa's Achilles tendon, before lighting their home on Old Catskill Turnpike on fire.

Melissa was able to break free of ties to call 911, but Larry had already locked himself in the house with their daughter.

He shot himself and his daughter but autopsies reveal both died from smoke inhalation.

Melissa works as a physical therapist at Dr. Michael Rouhana's Southern Tier Spinal Institute.

Action News spoke with her boss about how difficult the last few days have been for her, her family, and his staff.

Dr. Rouhana says he's been amazed at the strength Melissa has shown.

He and other staff members have visited her frequently.

He says they're a family of support for her.

"We've been visiting her and talking to her on a daily basis. We've have moments where we laugh and we cry, but we've all been very supportive. I have a lot of my family who's close to her family. You know right now she's still in a state of shock, she has talked about her briefly in making arrangements for making the funeral so she has been working on that with friends and family," said Dr. Rouhana.

Rouhana says things are still up in the air whether Oney will return to work or not, but he says she is recovering very well.

Rouhana says he had spent time with Larry, Melissa, and Allison.

He says he saw no red flags from Larry that would have indicated an action like the the one he took.