Thousands of Dollars for MacArthur Elementary

By Brennan Smith

Thousands of Dollars for MacArthur Elementary

November 15, 2011 Updated Nov 15, 2011 at 10:33 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Whether MacArthur Elementary will rebuild or relocate remains up in the air as Binghamton City School District Continues to work with FEMA.

It will meet with FEMA next week to provide an estimate of clean-up costs and the construction cost to bring the building back to its pre-flood condition.

FEMA also wants to know more about the school district's insurance coverage so it can begin to figure out how much it will be contributing to the rebuilding effort.

It is the Superintendent and the Board of Education's role to decide whether MacArthur will be rebuilt in its current location or moved outside of a flood plain, but It could be some time before this decision is made.

"It's dependent, in large, on the information coming back from all of the sources, particularly the State Emergency Management Office as well as FEMA," said Steve Deinhardt, Assistant Superintendent of Binghamton City School District.

School leaders say they will meet to visualize what a new MacArthur Elementary would look like.

And also tonight, the Binghamton City School board accepted thousands of dollars in donations for MacArthur Elementary.

Students raised more than $500 at a Haunted House they put on for Halloween.

They hope will go to replacing what was lost in the flood.

"So we help the people who got damage, and for all of the teachers who got moved, so the school can hopefully be re-opened and made better," said Jacob Weinheimer, a student at West Middle School.

The school district also accepted countless donations from businesses and individuals from around the community.

The donations totaled thousands of dollars, all with the hope of helping MacArthur Elementary.