(WBNG Binghamton) The investigation into last Friday's double homicide in the town of Binghamton continues, even as Broome County Sheriff David Harder says the man responsible sits in one of his jail cells. Among the developments Tuesday -- the same day Aaron Powell, 39, of Milford Street, was picked up in Susquehanna County, charged with two counts of murder in the second degree and entered a not guilty plea -- was a new focus in the investigation: The Airport Inn in the Town of Maine. Harder said investigators questioned the owner and employees of the Airport Inn in regards to last week's slayings. However, Harder declined to comment about their questioning; whether Aaron Powell, his estranged wife Christina Powell or her friend Mario Masciarelli were there before the two were found dead; or, whether investigators requested the bar's surveillance video. Authorities arrested Aaron Powell after 9 a.m. Tuesday near Montrose, Pa., following a four-day manhunt. The search for Aaron Powell neared its end when he reached out to family and friends by phone. "Mr. Powell contacted a family member and a close personal friend by telephone," said Harder during a press conference, "The phone call was made and we were able to trace back and pinpoint to a location." The nationwide manhunt for Powell began after police found Christina, 35, strangled in her home. Deputies also found Masciarelli, 24, dead with a blow to the head. Aaron Powell hadn't been seen until Tuesday morning where police found him near a convenience store in Springville Township. Officers also discovered his 2007 GMC Yukon Denali, ditched alongside a road in the Montrose area. "He probably hid it while he walked into town because it's been noted he may be operating it and maybe people would see him with it," Harder said. Harder said Powell had likely been hiding out in the Susquehanna County area since before the bodies were discovered Friday morning. Police are still asking for anyone with information of where Powell has been in the past four days to come forward. Anyone who had seen him or his SUV is asked to call the Broome County Sheriff's Office hotline at (607) 778-1911. Powell pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder in the second degree at an arraignment Tuesday evening in Town of Binghamton Court. He is being held without bail at the Broome County Jail.