Deposition: Treasurer Admits to Fire Department Theft

By WBNG News

Deposition: Treasurer Admits to Fire Department Theft

June 7, 2012 Updated Jun 8, 2012 at 4:49 PM EDT

Town of Colesville, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The former treasurer of a local fire company admitted in a sworn statement to investigators she stole at least $71,000 from the agency.

Her excuse: The Sanitaria Springs Fire Company didn't have enough safeguards in place to prevent her from taking the money, according to her statement and another sworn statement of the agency's chairman.

Nicole Rogers, 41, of Port Crane, has since resigned her position as treasurer of the Sanitaria Springs Fire Company following alleged thefts that took place between 2008 and last December.

Rogers pleaded not guilty to a charge of grand larceny -- a felony -- in lower court. Her case is pending in Broome County Court.

In a statement she provided to police earlier this year, Rogers said she stole the money to make house payments.

Rogers wrote that she used the fire company's ATM card to withdraw money and rarely deposited all of the money from department fundraisers from 2008 through last year when she was confronted and stepped down.

In a Jan. 5 deposition, Board Chairman, Jonah Bixby stated Rogers told him and the rest of the board she stole the money because there were no safety measures to prevent the theft.

Bixby said Rogers immediately turned over all financial documents and the ATM card when she was confronted by the board.

Bixby also said the $71,000 figure "is just an estimate," and at the time, was waiting for additional financial documents from 2006 and 2007, which were Rogers' first two years with the fire company.

The grand larceny charge is a second-degree felony.