Update: Great Bend Double Homicide

By WBNG News

Update: Great Bend Double Homicide

February 13, 2012 Updated Feb 14, 2012 at 1:44 AM EDT

Great Bend Township,PA (WBNG Binghamton) Pennsylvania State Police say 45 year old Lloyd Thomas admitted to shooting and killing two men in Great Bend Township this weekend. The question still remains as to what led to the violent action.

Thomas was arraigned in New Milford, and is now in the Susquehanna County Jail without bail.

Court documents say he admitted to shooting and killing 30 year old Joshua Rogers and his roommate, 28 year old Gilberto Alvarez.

Only evidence flags and spray paint are left at the crime scene on Pine Ayre Road.

Court documents say Thomas told State Police two men showed up at his house Saturday afternoon.

He admitted he shot both men, saying he was reacting to a situation.

Thomas did not say anything more on what the situation was.

He did say that after the shootings, he ran up the road to a cabin where he says he has spent a lot of time and felt safe.

Troopers found Thomas late Saturday afternoon.

He walking down Pine Arye Road toward his family's home with a pistol and a rifle.

"He's told police he did what he thought he had to do. Again, from what I've seen, he indicated that the individuals did not have guns. We're at a loss because the folks that could give us the other side of the story are no longer around," says Susquehanna County District Attorney Jason Legg.

A preliminary hearing for Thomas has been set for February 22.

Police say the investigation continues and the actual motive is still in question.