What Goes Up Comes Down

By Matt Markham

What Goes Up Comes Down

August 4, 2011 Updated Aug 5, 2011 at 6:21 AM EDT

Bridgewater Township, PA (WBNG Binghamton) One day after a controversial billboard is unveiled in Susquehanna County, it's taken down.

An announcement for ad space now fills the board where a statement to fix contaminated water wells was displayed Wednesday.

Neighbors in the Carter Road area of Dimock were behind the message, saying natural gas drilling by Cabot Oil and Gas left their drilling water irreversibly contaminated.

Meanwhile, even though Park Outdoor owns the billboard, the property owner, PJ's Restaurant, has the right to object after it goes up.

Neighbors say this is another example of the grip the gas industry has on the area and the battle that has pinned residents against each other.

"They own the county, they own the town," said Victoria Switzer of Dimock. "This is just further demonstration of that. We are an occupied county. You're either with them or against them."

The owner of PJ's says that lots of workers from the gas industry patronize his business, and this billboard just isn't the place for the discussion.