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From their office in Montrose, Pennsylvania, Attorney Michael J. Giangrieco together with his four associates brings several decades of professional legal experience to the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York. From Family Law and real estate law to estate planning, oil and gas planning and personal injury, the attorneys and staff at Giangrieco Law are experienced and prepared to exceed your expectations. You will be guided every step of the way from initial consultation all the way through the entire legal process.

  • From Tully Rinckey, PLLC

    How do I get a no-fault divorce?

    New York was the last State in the Union to pass No Fault Divorce. That means that one party no longer has to prove their spouse did something wrong to end the marriage – what is commonly called “grounds.” Instead, one party may now simply claim the marriage has reached an “irretrievable breakdown” for a period of 6 months. However, the Court still cannot grant divorce unless the couple has also resolved all of their other issues of custody, support, asset distribution and division of debts.

  • From Law Office of Michael J. Giangrieco

    Do I need a Power of Attorney and a Health Care Proxy?

    These forms allow you to choose who will handle your financial affairs and health related decisions if you become incapacitated. Each state has its own Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy forms. The forms have a place for your name and address and the name and address of your primary “agent”. We suggest that you also name an alternate “agent” in case the primary agent cannot serve. The Power of Attorney form authorizes the agent to manage your assets, cash checks, pay bills, and sign pertinent forms on your behalf. The Health Care Proxy authorizes the agent to make health care decisions on your behalf, after consulting with your physician, regarding courses of treatment, medications, hospital stays, and the like. You can elect to give the agent the ability to make “life sustaining” treatment decisions. As with your will, we suggest using a lawyer to prepare these forms so that the state specific form provisions and execution requirements are satisfied.

  • From Law Office of Michael J. Giangrieco

    The probate process – the process through which a person named as Executor in a will is authorized by the Surrogate Judge to assume his or her duties. What are some of the duties of an Executor?

    The first thing an Executor must do is identify what assets a decedent owned and take steps to protect them. For example, if a decedent owned a house, the Executor should secure the home and protect any valuables located in the home. I suggest that the Executor change the locks on the doors, activate the home security system (if any), and prepare a list and take pictures of the contents of the house. Also, any cars should be taken off the road, locked and put in the garage if possible.

  • From Battisti & Garzo, PC

    What can I expect from Battisti & Garzo, PC as my legal representation?

    The attorneys at Battisti & Garzo , P.C. offer a wide range of legal experience that will benefit you as we handle your case. Our defense team is prompt, professional, and knowledgeable: We are dedicated to protecting your legal rights, and we will personally see your case through to the end. We pride ourselves on the fact that you will always be kept up-to-date on the status and resolution of your case. Call us today to schedule a free office consultation.

  • From Law Office of Michael J. Giangrieco

    Do any other persons named in the will have to be notified?

    Yes, any other person or charity receiving a bequest under the will must receive a Notice of Probate. However, their written consent is not necessary. Only the immediate family must consent or be cited.