Maines Paper & Food Service Launches Keeping it Kleen Website

By WBNG News

Maines Paper & Food Service Launches Keeping it Kleen Website

September 1, 2011 Updated Sep 1, 2011 at 1:49 PM EDT

Conklin, N.Y. (WBNG Binghamton) -- Maines Paper and Food Service, Inc. announced this week the launch of a new website, www.KeepingitKleen.com.

The website is the startup tool of a public awareness campaign aimed at educating consumers on the simple things that can be done daily in their homes to help eliminate food borne illnesses.

To help the consumer through the inevitable daily interactions with food, www.KeepingitKleen.com provides a series of resources focused on food safety and home sanitation.

“Consumers have a false sense of security that their food is safe, yet it’s their own habits that are usually contaminating the food they eat,” said Keeping it Kleen’s Operations Director, Julie Lovelass. “None of us plan to contaminate our food but it’s the little things we never think of that often make us sick: not washing our hands after texting, using bacteria laden re-usable shopping bags, having our pets in the kitchen, using an un-sanitized sponge to wipe the counter, not having our refrigerators cold enough…and so much more.”

Restaurants are inspected and regulated by Health Officials yet no one is overseeing what happens at home.

The site is interactive and simple to use. It has a Home Health Inspection Challenge that gives visitors an opportunity to find out how much they really know about keeping food safe. The site also includes a “sanitation guru”, that will answer any question regarding food safety within a 24-hour period.

“We made the site engaging and fun in order to get people talking about the issue’, says Lovelass.

According to the CDC, last year in America, 76 million people got sick, 325,000 were hospitalized and 5000 people died due to food borne illness.

“Our company prides itself as being a provider of quality food products and services,” said Lovelass. “As responsible citizens and experts in the food sanitation field, it gives us great satisfaction in knowing that this educational tool will contribute to the well-being of consumers and their families.”