Neighbors Evacute To Binghamton University

By Jenna Hanchard

Neighbors Evacute To Binghamton University

September 8, 2011 Updated Sep 8, 2011 at 3:47 AM EDT

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) There are mandatory and voluntary evacuations in place across the Southern Tier.

The Red Cross has set up shelters that will be available until they are no longer needed.

Southern Tier neighbors squeeze into the BU Events Center with whatever belongings they could grab.

Grace Cron of Binghamton says she brought her medication, a bottle of water and her cell phone.

Tonia Benjamin says, "My neighbor came boom boom, banging on my door. I jumped up cause I didn't hear her. She said you gotta' evacuate! I just started shaking and started throwing anything in the bag. I ain't know what to do after that."

Binghamton University and the Red Cross transformed the Bearcat home court into a safety haven with food, water and support.

Amy Hegy of the Red Cross explained, "We do have cots that might be available but because of the road closures and wipe outs we can't get them here."

Officials say their workload is overflowing, surpassing that of 2006.

"We have well over 6,000 students on campus. On top of taking care of the shelter population, we still have to be on top of our student population as well," explained Dave Hubeny, the Binghamton University Emergency Manager.

As more neighbors line the walls of the shelter, they work keep their head above water.