A Spoonful of Support

By Matt Markham

October 28, 2011 Updated Oct 28, 2011 at 5:14 PM EDT

Town of Union, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Many students still aren't back in their flooded schools yet, but they're getting a lot of help.

Students at St. Patrick's in Owego moved to Our Lady of Good Counsel in Endicott. They are so thankful to be there and for the meals they share there.

"The desks are kind-of awkward, but we're getting easier getting used to them," said fourth-grader Emma Stephenson. "Still, we miss our old school and we are very happy to have this school."

Our Lady of Good Counsel has given good shelter to these St. Patrick's students. But, they miss their Owego school, which was flooded.

"I like this school a lot, it's a nice school, but I would like to be back at our old school," said fourth-grader Padi Ann Thomas.

Among the guardian angels in this building, Meals on Wheels volunteers, who cook for the students twice a week. Many lost more than just a school.

"A lot of people are volunteers, they've been flooded out, and they still come in," said Mike Miller.

"I think that it's really good that they're helping us," said fourth-grader Sam Chandler. "I'm really glad about that."

"We're having macaroni and cheese and pudding today," Padi Ann said.

"They have delicious food," Emma said. "We've been really enjoying it."

Matt Markham: "It makes a huge difference, I'm sure, when you've got people that are able to help you out like that."
Padi Ann: “Yeah, it really does, knowing that we have somebody who's willing to provide us meals is really nice."

Matt Markham: "If there's something you had to say to the folks helping you out, what would you want to say to them?”
Sam: Thank you for everything you helped me with."