Cabot Oil and Gas Recycles Fracking Water

By Brandi Devine

May 31, 2012 Updated May 31, 2012 at 6:29 PM EDT

Dimock, PA (WBNG Binghamton) Cabot Oil and Gas is fracking wells throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, and prides itself on the ability to recycle the water used during the Hydrofracking process.

Cabot Oil and Gas is working with Comtech Industries to recycle 100% of the water that comes back to the surface during the fracking process.

Comtech is a Pennsylvania-based company working with Cabot to filter the water used in hydrofracking.

"Once a well is fracked the initial flow-back period is typically somewhere in the 15 to 25% range," says Terry Bricker with Comtech Industries Inc.

That means about a quarter of the water used comes back during initial drilling stages.

That number will go up over time as the wells continues to produce water.

The recycled water is then brought to Cabot's semi-permanent water recycling station in Dimock, where its filtered.

"We'll put it through a process of both chemically treating and clarification so the water can be sent out and reused on the next frack," says Bricker.

The water is then placed in holding tanks where Cabot water trucks will come pick up the water.

"We processed nearly 900,000 barrels of water for reuse," says Bricker.

"A Hundred barrel truck load would be 4,200 gallons of water," says Bricker.

Cabot Oil and Gas has been recycling it's own water for nearly 2 years, saying that none of the water leaves the recycling site to go back into streams or rivers in the commonwealth.