Fair People

By Matt Markham

August 31, 2011 Updated Aug 31, 2011 at 6:32 PM EDT

Town of Geddes, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The last "vacation" for some of us in the Southern Tier is a trip up to the New York State Fair. We bumped into some of you who say you would not miss a year.

"We always run in to people we know up here from all over the State," said Joyce Ottens from Deposit.

We have plenty of Fair Friends from the Southern Tier. Some showcase talent through 4H activities.

"There's all these displays from all the different counties," said Meaghan Griffin from Tioga Center. "There's so many great things that these kids have made from the different counties that I would never have see if I didn't come up here."

Some others come up for the different displays, both the man-made, or the natural kind, or a combination of the two, like this year's butter sculpture.

"We like seeing everything in the Center of Progress Building, the entertainment, and we love the draft horses," Ottens said.

The kids love the animals, too. For them and for many, this is a family affair.

"I'm with my grandma and my grandpa and my mom and my dad and my other sisters and they're having a lot of fun too," said Rachel Dodge from Owego.

"Every year," said Don Parshall of Spencer, talking about how often he visits the Fair. "We make it a point to come up here at least one day. Sometimes I come up again by myself."

Some people save up on the calories for days so they can have lunch a few times here.

"I like the sausage, and fries and stuff like that," Parshall said.

This year's Fair theme is "Journey out of the Ordinary." For just $10 at the gate and about one hour's drive, it's a good deal.

"This is kind-of like a vacation all summer long," said Kaitlyn Dunlap of Greene.

Or, at least one way we say goodbye to the summer season.

Attendance at the Fair on Monday and Tuesday was up for the first time this year. But, overall numbers are still down by 55,000 visitors.

Thursday on Action News, we'll show you more Southern Tier connections to the Fair's competitive spirit.