Fox attacks Endicott family (with photos)

By Perry Russom

June 9, 2014 Updated Jun 9, 2014 at 6:25 PM EDT

Endicott, NY (WBNG Binghamton) It was a terrifying few minutes for a family in Endicott when a fox came into their back yard and attacked them.

It happened Saturday evening on Robble Avenue.

"I'm afraid to come out here because I don't want it to come again," said 9-year-old Bryden Shelp who was attacked while he was playing in his backyard.

"It came out of nowhere," said Shelp.

The fox's jaw latched onto his leg "and you can tell on the marks where I was trying to shake him off," he said.

His 12-year-old stepsister ran up and kicked the fox to get it away. The animal then bit her.

"I was scared," said Bryan McCann, the father of the children. "Scared for them, myself, my family. I wouldn't expect that to happen."

McCann ran to block his daughter from the fox and then he was bit.

"It got out from underneath me and my daughter had already ran into the house, so I knew she was going to be okay and it just ran out into the woods," said McCann.

McCann's wife Gloria saw the entire attack.

"I've never seen anything like it before and I never want to again," said Gloria McCann.

To be safe, the three members of the family who were bit are getting a series of shots for rabies.

"We're not even sure at this time if the animal has rabies," said Chris Coddington of the Broome County Health Department. "Sometimes animals act like this if they're protecting their young or if they have other illnesses."

The next day a fox just down the block went after an Endicott Police officer. They killed that fox.

They aren't sure if it's the same animal from the day before.

"We can't say 100 percent sure that there isn't more," said Coddington. "I know there's more rabid animals in Broome County."

The fox was taken to the Chenango Animal Hospital and is being tested for rabies.

The test should be coming back in then next few days.

If you're bit or scratched by a fox, you're asked to call the Health Department at (607) 778-3930