Have You Seen The New Tigers?

By Haley Burton

August 21, 2012 Updated Aug 21, 2012 at 6:46 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The tigers have arrived! The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is now home to two new female Amur tigers.

Terney and Koosaka are adjusting to their home in Binghamton.

"We got them on Thursday. They had traveled cross country from Zoo Montana. The transfer went very well. They came in on their specially created crates and went right into the backup area of the zoo exhibit," said Patricia Searles, Education Curator, Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park.

The two are five years old and sisters. Since arriving in Binghamton, they have been getting acclimated in the back-up area of their exhibit and staying close together.

"We're offering them special treats, special incentives to try and convince them their newly-refurbished exhibit is the best thing to come out and explore it," said Searles.

The zoo has been without tigers since the former pair, Misha and KJ, both died separately in 2011.

"After Misha and KJ died, of course we were all heartbroken because they were great tigers. We took that time to complete re-furbish both sides of this exhibit. So not only are we eagerly anticipating the tigers being here but wanting them to go out on these exhibit furniture, new toys and everything," said Searles.

Many donors helped in the renovations of tiger exhibit. There is a new pond, rock-structures and furniture.

Terney weighs 250 pounds and Koosaka is nearly 300 pounds.

"The smaller of the two, Terney, she is a little bit more brave. She's been sticking her head out. Her paw comes out to check out the exhibit and she just scoots back in," said Searles.

"Her sister, Koosaka, on the other hand, is the larger of the two but she just doesn't like exploring to much. She just hangs out," said Searles, " They love hanging out together. They are constantly cooing, rubbing against each other, and laying together."

The entire area is shut down right now to keep out extra noise from disturbing the tigers as they get adjusted to their new surroundings and get up the nerve to explore their exhibit.

At the zoo Tuesday, plenty of zoo-goers walked by the exhibit, patiently waiting to catch a peek at the newest residents.

"As soon as they come out on the exhibit, we will announce it on our Facebook and our website so people can come and actually see them," said Searles.

You can catch a glimpse at the tigers at Feast with the Beasts on Wednesday, August 22.

There will be a one-hour window where guests will get to go inside the back-up area to see the tigers.

Feast with the Beasts
Wednesday, August 22, 2012
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
$25.00 members - $30.00 non-members
(Tickets $5.00 more on day of event)

Feast with the Beasts is the Zoo's annual fundraiser. This is the 21st year.

The event is a dinner throughout the Binghamton Zoo. Local restaurants and wineries offering tastings of their food and drink are scattered throughout the zoo. There is also live music and art exhibits featuring local artists and musicians.

Along with food and wine tastings, there is a very large silent auction and basket raffle during Feast with the Beasts. Items in the auction and baskets range from gift certificates from local businesses, to signed memorabilia from national touring artists.