Hundreds Help Clean Up Twin Orchards

By WBNG News

September 17, 2011 Updated Sep 17, 2011 at 11:00 PM EDT

Vestal (WBNG Binghamton) Streets in the Twin Orchards area were packed with volunteers going door to door, helping people clean out what were once their homes.

"The look and the despair and fear on the hearts of people is so evident when you go into their homes. So much chaos, their looking for someone to lend a hand," says Charity leader, Pastor John Coudriet.

Volunteers were lending a hand to pick up their lives that have been placed at the curb.

"We have to serve," says Pastor Coudriet.

"Today words aren't really needed. What's really needed is action and or church here in Syracuse, we're all about taking action," says Pastor Coudriet.

Volunteers came to Twin Orchards from Syracuse to give a helping hand and a fresh perspective.

They say it's easier to knock down a wall if a stranger is there to help.

"We're tearing down a lot of the sheet rock just to help them out so when they rebuild. We're doing a lot of water pumping," says volunteer Tony Clark.

People's belongings have gone from on top of the water to the top of the road, but volunteers say the attitudes have been positive.

It's time to save what can be saved, and come up with a plan.

"It's really good to see a lot of people coming together and help one another. It's a sad situation it had to be like this," says volunteer, Michael Wan.

Pictures, clothes, furniture were just a few of the things people lost, if not their entire homes.

A few houses in Twin Orchards lost half of their foundation from flooding.

"People's entire lives are out on the streets in piles and it's just a sad situation," says Wan.

It's a sad situation with only one choice but to stay positive and move forward.

The people of Twin Orchards are requesting that people use alternate routes if possible.

The streets are becoming congested because of debris removal.