Kids Turn Problems Into Innovations

By Haley Burton

May 20, 2011 Updated May 20, 2011 at 9:19 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Southern Tier students are using their imaginations to become some of the State's youngest inventors.

The New York State Invention Convention is Saturday at Binghamton High School.

25 finalists from our area will show off their ideas.

Alexis Hussar has the solution to the problem of staying on budget when you go to the grocery store: The budget keeper,

You put your budget in at the grocery store.

"As you go through the store, you scan your items," says Hussar, a 10 year old at Homer Brink Elementary in the Maine-Endwell School District.

It counts down and beeps when you've hit your budget limit.

Not bad for a 10 year old.

"Me and my family were sitting at the dining room table and we were talking about how much groceries had got to be; how little money people have. You have your amount of money and that's how you stay where you need to be."

Take a walk or run in "Light Ups".

"When you walk it, gives you power so there's no batteries needed," says Emily Gesel, a 12 year old, at Ann G. McGuinness Elementary in the Union Endicott School District. "Your hands are free and you can see where you're running and it's easier."

Don't like waiting for your cookies to cool?

Then Siera West's Cook and Cool, is perfect for you.

"I hate waiting for cookies to cool off because you have to wait for them to cool off on the pan," says the 10 year old from CFJ Elementary in Endicott. "Then you have to put them on the cooler and wait even longer. And I really like cookies."

The Army could benefit from 8 year old Andrew Gesel's idea.

"Too many guys have lost their lives in the war so something was needed to protect them," says the Linneus West student.

It even has a first aid kit in it.

Sydney Kwasek loves to ride horses, but when brushing her horse, her allergies flare up.

"I have to wear a mask because of the hair,'" says the 11 year old MacArthur Elementary student. "I cough and sneeze alot."

So she created the Automatic Horse Brusher for her first entry in the competition.

Anna Gesel's bottle funnel drink helps you get the amount of water out of your bottle that you want.

And then there's her favorite invention to date: The Ski Sled.

"You would go sledding like you normally do then you would get up and then you would unbuckle it and you pull it apart."

All of these bright ideas will be on display Saturday at the Invention Convention.

NYS Invention Convention is a statewide invention education program for public and private school students.

Some inventions from past Invention Conventions have gone big time.

A few years ago, a student teamed a pet snake with a flashlight.

Black & Decker later patented the idea as its Snake Light.