Storm Washes through Tioga County

By Matt Markham

April 28, 2011 Updated Apr 28, 2011 at 12:09 PM EDT

Owego, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Tioga County was one of the hardest hit areas with flooding and storm damage.

It starts high above town, collects at the lowest points, and washes out what's in between.

"My blocks tipped over," said Mike Malloy. "There's a lot of power in water."

Malloy looks over to see how the raging creek tossed his reinforcement wall about and figures out how to put it all back.

"Heavy equipment," Malloy figures. "These things are about 4,500 pounds a piece. It tips them over and they just roll down the creek."

"The creek just flooded right over the whole yard, and over the driveway, and over the road," said Tomi Lynn Rando.

Down Sulphur Springs Road, neighbors say flash flooding has never come so fast. You can see how the water left its mark.

"It was very quick," Rando said. "It happened twice in the last twenty-four hours."

Many of the roads south of the village of Owego are either flooded over or have some kind of damage. On Sulphur Springs Road, there are rocks coming down from the hills, landing right in drivers' ways.

"It just started raining and storming like crazy, I never saw it rain like that before," said Mary Jones.

Mary and her husband Bob are stuck at their home on Decker Hill Road. Water continues to rush down fast through a culvert that wasn't there yesterday.

"Pulling our driveway out like that is a new one," Mary said. "We've never seen that. But the guys are on their way, they're promising!"

Some road crews are already trying to clear water from the underpass on North Ave in the village. That's a known trouble spot they're trying to get a handle on before getting to other roads-turned-streams.