Winning shopping spree at supermarket (with photos)

By Casey Killian

June 5, 2013 Updated Jun 6, 2013 at 1:13 PM EDT

Deposit, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Bill Koharek won the Deposit Rotary Club's Big M shopping spree.

He had three minutes to dash through the aisles of the Deposit Big M Supermarket to gather up as much as $1,000 of merchandise. Koharek grabbed about $350 worth of goods in the time.

"I had a strategy of going up and down the aisles. I knew what to get, what to pick up. My wife has been coaching me for the last three days but I just forgot about everything," said Koharek, "It was nice to win, it was for a good cause and I'm happy. My wife and I are happy about it."

Koharek did not forget to grab his favorite item in the store, maple syrup. He also picked up olive oil and cookies.

In addition to what he put in his cart, he was also given $100 worth of meat from the supermarket.

"Bill is a long time customer. He and his wife are great people," said Rob Finch, owner of the Big M Supermarket.

The Rotary sold 600 tickets for the fundraiser. The net proceeds were donated to the Deposit State Theatre to help them to convert to digital.

The Rotary and Big M Supermarket presented $3,200 to the theater.

"We are very happy with the results. It will help us with our project for our digital camera, which is Phase one of our project," said Carolyn and Sonny Denys, of the Deposit State Theatre.

In a few months, the existing projector will be obsolete; so, this investment was necessary to keep the old theater going.

"It turned out to be a great day and a lot of fun for everybody, very good for what we were trying to accomplish," said Harry Epstein, of Deposit Rotary.