Family Recovering from PA Storm Damage

By Adam Chick

July 31, 2012 Updated Aug 1, 2012 at 10:46 AM EDT

Bridgewater Township, PA (WBNG Binghamton) A local family continues to clean up after their house falls directly in the path of last Thursday's tornado, and their children continue to deal with the fear left in the twister's wake.

The cyclone did considerable damage to their property, but they say they're just happy to be alive.

"It sounded like a freight train," said Charity Weidow.

Fran Valentine said the worst of the storm was only five minutes, but it felt like hours.

"There was branches hitting everywhere. We were in the hallway. My husband's running around the house like crazy just trying to look out to see maybe what might be coming to make sure we're all out of the way," said Valentine.

The tornado traveled down Davis Road in Bridgewater Township, breaking some trees completely in half before getting to the Valentine residence.

The Valentines were without power for two days and are still cleaning up the mess.

"Our trampoline ended up in the field down the road. Our camper is still on it's side back there. Took out both trees in our yard," Valentine said.

The Valentine family doesn't have a basement, so they did the only thing they could--hide in a hallway with no windows.

Fran's priority was keeping the kids safe.

"All three of the kids get in here. We had them get down on the floor and stay there. I pulled the towels down, the blankets down, the sheets down, and everything we had against them. And I told them just to stay there and not to move," Valentine said.

It was a horrific night they hope they'll never have to experience again.

The tornado shifted their whole house on the foundation, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

They're hoping their insurance company will handle most of the damage, but are worried they might have to pick up much of the bill themselves.

The Valentines said if they do have to rebuild their house their first priority will be getting a basement.