Two Dogs Left to Starve to Death

By WBNG News

Two Dogs Left to Starve to Death

November 29, 2011 Updated Nov 29, 2011 at 7:18 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Two dogs left in a basement to die. That's what the Broome County Humane Society says it discovered at a home on Conklin Avenue in Binghamton.

Tarah Tripp, the animal Cruelty Investigator for Broome County, says this case is one of the worst she's ever seen.

It all started with an anonymous phone call from a neighbor, telling Tripp there were two dogs locked in the basement of 322 Conklin Ave.

Tripp and a Binghamton Police officer arrived at the house to find the basement door padlocked shut.

Tripp banged on the door, to see if she could get either of the dogs to bark.

When she didn't hear any noise, she says she knew the dogs were in trouble.

Both dogs were locked in one cage, surrounded by filth, and left without food or water.

"We brought them in to the Humane Society not really expecting a good outcome, but with a lot of supportive care, both dogs are fighting for their lives," says Broome County Animal Cruelty Officer, Tarah Tripp.

That same anonymous tipper told Tripp about a third dog that was dead at the same location, but when Tripp arrived on the scene she was not able to find a third dog.

Binghamton Police have charged Alexis Baez and Adrienne Zupo with failure to provide proper food, water, and shelter for the animals.

That's a misdemeanor charge but Tripp says she's pushing for a more serious charge.