Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Diocese of Syracuse met with local church council members and trustees to try to establish a plan for changes they'll soon be facing, including the possibility of consolidation. With money being an issue for everyone and fewer priests joining the clergy, the diocese is looking for ways for churches to work together. "What we're trying to do is get people together to have conversation to talk about what the collaboration in the pastoral care area could look like and what kind of connections need to happen. What kind of programs, sharing of staff could be set up and developed to help as the number of priests starts to decline," said Brother Edward Falsey of the Diocese of Syracuse. Tuesday's meeting was part of an ongoing process where both parishioners and the diocese could discuss their feelings and concerns. "We've already done a whole series of focus groups across the diocese, so we've already shared a lot of information with different groups about where things are at right now, where they're going to be in 2020 and what are some of the things we can be looking at and doing to get ready for that," Falsey added. This could impact St. Cyril's, Holy Trinity, St. Patrick's, St. James and St. Thomas Aquinas. Falsey says that the bishop is trying to find ways for different churches to work together in order to avoid having to close any parishes.