Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The city of Binghamton says it will be busier than past years as it plans to work on 150 street projects in 2013. City officials say they have a more than 20 percent funding increase from the state for this year's road project budget. The money is part of an increase in Binghamton's share of the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, also known as CHIPS. Officials say 150 street projects will get underway this summer across the city, including work downtown, which will begin next week and continue through June 1. Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Works Terry Kellogg said the city is targeting areas with the most need that also handle major traffic and activity. "We've spread the work around this year," Kellogg said, "We're concentrating right now on the west side near Rec Park. We envision doing a couple more streets over there before the Chris Thater race this summer." The city also will finish projects that were part of its FEMA relief funds -- for roads that were damaged during the 2011 flood -- including Heiner Road and Exchange Street. Deputy Mayor Andrew Block debuted a new online web page with an interactive map for all of 2013's proposed projects. Residents can click on individual projects labeled by color and department. "We will update the community as much as possible about route changes and especially the extent of which the projects will affect traffic," Block said. The city also would like to expand its LED lighting to street lights. Right now, the city has installed the more energy efficient lights on its green and red traffic lights. The city said changing to the more expensive -- but more efficient -- lighting is inevitable.