Endicott, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Neighbors in Endicott are complaining about the noise coming from a local plastics manufacturer that just moved into their neighborhood. They said they're losing hours of sleep from the constant beeping of forklifts and other trucks. "I don't even get down the hallway and I hear that beep, beep, beep, beep," said Dennia Ede of Endicott. "We have 24 hours a day, seven days a week non-stop forklifts, trucks going up and down this road, horns blowing, people talking..." Ede said the noise is coming from National Pipe & Plastics just over the train tracks from his home. "This goes on for hours and hours and hours," said Ede. About a dozen neighbors took their noise complaints to the Town of Union Board meeting Wednesday night. Debi Nasca also has a problem with the noise. She said it's made her lose hours of sleep and that's affecting her work. "There should be some kind of way they can compromise on when they're doing this," said Nasca. To get the point across of just how much this beeping bothers him, Ede bought himself a forklift alarm and attached it to his truck. "I'm going to deliver it to all of the Town of Union officials that felt like this was a great idea for our neighborhood," said Ede. "I want them to share the same great experience down here." In response to the complaints, the Town of Union Board said they will have noise tests throughout the day around the plant. "We don't want our residents to be in a discomfort of not being able to enjoy the peacefulness of their home," said Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak (R). National Pipe & Plastics' President Dave Culbertson said he has no comment.