October 20, 2016

FDA Review of Caffeine Inhaler
By WBNG News

New York, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Food and Drug Administration agreed to review the safety of a new product Senator Charles Schumer warns could be the next club drug.

It's a caffeine inhaler called AeroShot.

The lipstick sized inhaler hit stores in New York and Boston in January.

It can dispense 100 milligrams of caffeine powder into the body.

"You could do five, six, seven, eight inhalations of caffeine, that when combined with alcohol could be very dangerous. We also have no knowledge as to whether 12 year olds snorting this could do any damage to their growing lungs," said Schumer.

There is no age restriction for purchase.

Schumer says the Food and Drug will conduct a full review of the inhaler's safety and legality.

Schumer says that review should have been done before the product got to market.