Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Some artwalk participants got a scare Friday evening while looking for paintings, and instead crossing paths with the undead. Hundreds of people gathered downtown to participate in the 5th annual Zombie Walk, an event that's become a favorite among Halloween fans. Tattered and fake-blood-stained clothing coupled with perfectly applied theatrical makeup made the fake zombies look very realistic to passersby. "It's so much fun. It gets people in the Halloween spirit, out and walking around on a First Friday," said Marianne Bauer, founder of the annual Binghamton Zombie Walk. Many of the undead said their favorite part of the event is sneaking up on unknowing victims, and watching their reactions. "Shock, fear, and then they laugh. Getting people in restaurants that don't know we're coming, that's really kind of fun," laughed Bauer. The zombies dragged their fake limbs and blood-splattered props from Confluence Park to Imagicka on Court Street. There, Binghamton University's West African drummers and dancers put some pep in the Zombies' steps and entertained those who were looking for a less spooky evening. Merlin's bar hosted an after party for the apocalyptic crowd, where "Recycled Zombies" performed for those who wanted to keep the fright lasting through the end of the night.