March 28, 2015

Ham Prices Up This Easter
By WBNG News

Johnson City (WBNG Binghamton) If you bought an Easter Ham this year, you probably paid a little more for it than in years past.

Wholesale Ham prices are at about 75 to 80 cents per pound this year, well above the average of 55 cents per pound over the last five years.

Experts say the rise in costs is likely do to the rise in feed prices for pork producers, and new regulations from the federal government to take pigs out of caged pens for larger, more open kinds.

Grocers say they have the usual customers coming in for Easter, but their choices have changed.

"You can see, before they used to buy a whole ham, now they only buy a half a ham," said Peter Zalaffi, owner of PMP Deli in Johnson City, "Before they used to buy a whole strip steak or Delmonico, now it's only a half. Everything they've cut in half because they don't have any money."

Each American eats around 51 pounds of pork a year says the Department of Agriculture.

Zalaffi says he sells most of his hams during Easter and Christmas.