(WBNG Binghamton) A crackdown on welfare fraud recently put 17 people behind bars in Broome County. Now authorities announce 14 more arrests, totaling nearly $42,000 in benefits. This includes food stamps, medicaid, day care and public assistance. In many cases, county officials said those accused failed to report employment or other benefits they were already receiving. “I’ve always said that public assistance programs should exist for those who truly need them, but I will not allow abuses of these programs to continue on my watch,” said Broome County Executive Debbie Preston in a released statement. “Broome County is cracking down, and as long as people continue to abuse the system, we will continue to closely monitor the benefits that come out of Broome County.” Those arrested will be arraigned in Binghamton City Court throughout the end of the month. The county is urging residents to help fight welfare fraud. If you suspect someone is claiming welfare they shouldn't. you can report them online by visiting Broome County's website.