Owego mayor still running for re-election

By Erika Mahoney

Owego mayor still running for re-election

February 10, 2014 Updated Feb 12, 2014 at 10:56 AM EDT

Owego, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Tioga County Sheriff's Office arrested Village of Owego Mayor Kevin Millar Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m.

The office said he was stopped on Temple Street, which is in the village. Millar was arrested for driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, driving while ability impaired, and not having a front plate.

The mayor was issued appearance tickets and is scheduled to appear in Village of Owego Court on February 25.

On Monday, Millar confirmed he will run for re-election in March.

His only opponent so far is local businesswoman Lisa Curatolo. She's running under a newly created party, Owego's A Positive Change Party.

She said the arrest is a non-issue and that she will not bring it up in her campaign.

"I prefer to talk about the issues at hand for the Village of Owego," Curatolo said.

Village residents had mixed reactions to Millar's arrest.

"Well the mayor, I've seen him around town, and you know, he goes out and has a few drinks," Mathew Flanagan said," But shouldn't have been driving, should have gotten a ride, called a cab, it's only about five bucks to catch a cab across town."

Others said they won't hold the arrest against him and will still support Millar come election time.

"He is one of the best mayors we have had," Meredith Bocek said. "He has a lot of heart, he's smart, he's taken Owego through the flood. They've applied for all of the funding they need to apply for. He's transparent, he's available, you can speak with him anytime. I think he's a great mayor now and I don't think this affects his ability to be mayor."

"I think Kevin has done a wonderful job for our village and it just proves he's human and made a mistake and he has come and apologized for that," Valerie Andreas said. "I don't think that interferes with the wonderful job he's done for our village."

Millar had no further comment today about what happened.

He said he's sticking with the statement he issued Sunday.

"My drinking has not impaired my performance as your mayor nor will I let it," Millar wrote. "I ask and hope that village residents can see my strengths as well as my weaknesses and will not let this incident deter my continuing to serve the residents of the village of Owego."

Village of Owego elections will be held Tuesday, March 18 at the Owego Central Fire Station from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.