Harrisburg, PA (WBNG Binghamton) Pennsylvania could be the next state to leagalize marijuana. Sen. Daylin Leach held a news conference in the State Capitol Building on Monday afternoon to discuss a bill that would legalize the drug. The proposed legislation would make all uses of marijuana legal, from medicinal to recreational. The senator says ending the prohibition would benefit the state in several ways and make available an alternative treatment for terminally-ill patients. "A lot of additional money that we are leaving on the table of society by forcing marijuana to be sold in an untaxed, unregulated black market," Leach said. By legalizing and bringing it to a controlled marketplace, Leach said, Pennsylvania could reap the benefits of a large tax revenue. The senator added that decriminalizing pot would save the state both money and manpower. While selling would still be illegal under the bill, people would be allowed to transport up to an ounce of pot, and it would be treated much like alcohol in DUI situations. If the proposed legislation passes, it will be legal to grow up to six marijuana plants at a time, and people will have to be 21 to use the drug.