Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) A Binghamton man accused of killing his estranged wife and her friend last March was in Broome County Court on Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing. Lawyers discussed evidence that could be used in the double murder trial against Aaron Powell, 40, of Binghamton. Broome County District Attorney Gerald Mollen explains the hearing as a way to set the boundaries for what can or can not be used during Aaron Powell's upcoming trial. There was not a lot of evidence discussed before Judge Joseph Cawley, but new details were presented. Broome County Sheriff Captain Frederick Akshar took the stand to describe how Powell was taken into custody on March 26, 2013. After Powell was spotted at a convenience store in Montrose, Akshar and other law enforcement drove down to the Susquehanna County Courthouse to arrest him. Akshar said when he first saw Powell after being on the run from police for four days, he described him as "tired" looking, and had what could have been a self-inflicted cut to his wrist. Akshar said during the search for Powell, it was learned that the car he had borrowed was seen on surveillance at the Airport Inn in Binghamton on March 21, 2013. It's where Christina Powell,35, and Mario Masciarelli, 24, were the night before police found their bodies on March 22. Christina Powell had been strangled with an electrical cord and Masciarelli had suffered a blow to his head. Aaron and Christina Powell were in the process of getting a divorce. Powell is charged with one count of murder in the first degree and two counts of murder in the second degree. Akshar also said in court, when Powell was picked up by Pennsylvania State Police on March 26 of last year his only possession was a small black bag. The contents of that bag weren't discussed, but Broome County Sheriffs did get a search warrant to look inside. The defense has two weeks to file any pre-trial motions. The start of Powell's murder trial is on the calendar for May 19 in Broome County Court.