Nichols, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Tioga Downs Casino welcomed community leaders to share their opinions on how casino gambling in New York could be benefificial. Politicians, union workers, and community organizers spoke about how the proposition could create more opportunities in the Southern Tier. If approved, casino gaming could bring in more than 10,000 construction and permanent jobs to New York State, and in the Tioga Downs region, the estimate is more than 1,000. "I know there is unemployment," said Workers United representative Gary Bonadonna, "I'm sure there are many men and women able to work, but the jobs aren't there. I mean, training will be available." CEO of the Goodwill Theatre Naima Kradjian in Johnson City said when she hears the potential for 10,000 jobs in New York State, she envisions the support of 10,000 families. "And when you support families it means that they have more time," said Kradjian. "And they have more expendable income, and that means that they can go to shows, that they can support field trips, they can support musical instruments for their children to be able to take music." There's no guarantee that if the proposition passes Tioga Downs will automatically get the approval to become a full casino, but the proposition could allow up to two casinos to be built in the Southern Tier. Supporters of proposition one are reminding people come election day, voters need to turn over their ballots. It's on the back of the ballots where all six propositions can be found to cast a vote.