Town of Tioga, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Tioga County is updating it's protection plan for farmers, a plan that hasn't been revised in 15 years. The county held a public meeting for farmers before making changes to the Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan. The majority of farmers in Tioga County are dairy farmers. "Workforce issues," said planning director Elaine Jardine, "What problems farmers are experiencing in getting workforce since the farmers are aging they need help." During the panel discussion farmers suggested having more internship opportunities available in schools to get the younger generation thinking about farming as a career. Planning directors want to know what the challenges are for farmers out in the fields and in the barns. "It gives ideas of where they could improve some market issues," said Jardine, "Ways to connect to the mainstream community, ways to connect with their local politicians, and organizations that they may not think about like the Tioga County Chamber of Commerce." Jardine said they will have another public meeting before any changes are made. Updates to the plan are scheduled to be completed by next August.