What's for lunch, Mr. President? Spiedies

By Christina Rockhill

What's for lunch, Mr. President? Spiedies

August 23, 2013 Updated Aug 23, 2013 at 11:41 PM EDT

Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Spiedie and Rib Pit on the Vestal Parkway may have served up their first presidential spiedie Friday.

“It’s very exciting to have someone of his magnitude in this area and that I might have made his lunch for him,” said Elizabeth Lupo, owner of the Spiedie and Rib Pit.

The order came in under the name "Ben" and no one thought anything of it until they heard the president say he was going to grab a spiedie before he left town.

“A man came in with a wire peeking out of his shirt and picked up the order. I happened to ask him if he was picking up the spiedies for President Barack Obama and the only thing he could tell me was that he himself was not consuming the sandwiches and that he thought he might be the only important person coming into the rib pit today." said employee Maggie Cubic.

Cubic said she had been serving police officers and secret service agents all day, but when she thought she might have handed over presidential spiedies she was nervous.

“It was a little nerve wracking, but if anything I’m disappointed that the president didn’t come in and greet me himself,” said Cubic.

And what did he order? Three chicken and three pork spiedie sandwiches.

“I’m just happy that he had some local food and that I was able to provide it," said Lupo.