9/11 Victims Live on Through Education

By Lindsay Nielsen

September 11, 2012 Updated Sep 11, 2012 at 8:22 PM EDT

Sidney, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Two staff members at Sidney High School lost loved ones on September 11th, 2001.

They have found comfort in sharing their experience with students and colleagues.

"Think how they must be wishing how we could know today, that nothing but our sadness can really pass away," said Loraine Flyzik.

Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, Loraine Flyzik starts each morning of September 11th addressing her students at Sidney High School with a poem, read at her cousin Carol's funeral.

Carol Flyzik was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11, the plane that hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

She was later heard on the plane's black box recorder, helping passengers.

The school's secretary Mary Bagley's nephew was also killed in that same tower.

James Patrick, was a bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald.

He left behind his wife and his son, who was born shortly after his father died.

"I take those two red roses out and put them by the tree each morning and then I give a red rose to Mary as well," said Flyzik.

"A past student of mine who went to New York and etched Carol's name in crayon for me, I have that hanging in my office. I'm very happy that the building is almost finished and I will go to the reflecting pools some day when I am ready to do that," said Flyzik.

Sharing their family stories gives students at the school another perspective on the observance of the attack anniversary.

"A lot of the students cry. A lot of the students are very sad, and then what it does is it sparks an interest in wanting to know more. Once they hear someones story," said History Teacher at Sidney High School, Nicole Ryan.

"It's weird that my generation is like the last to know what was going on without people just having to tell them what they know about it," said Brynn Davie, a senior at Sidney High School.

"And think of them as living in the hearts of those they've touched, for nothing loved is ever lost and they are loved so much," said Flyzik as she finished her poem.

Carol Flyzik would have been 51 years old today, and James Patrick would have been 42 years old in October.