A Tall Glass of History

By Brandi Bailey

January 11, 2013 Updated Jan 12, 2013 at 12:05 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The Old Union Hotel is the oldest bar in the city of Binghamton, and it's getting a face lift by new owners.

"It still feels like the Union," said co-owner Andy Kipp.

That was the goal for these three "brothers" in September when they bought and renovated the Old Union Hotel, an 1800s-era building on Clinton Street.

"With the history here and the history of the community, our own personal history of coming here, remembering the days of its glory we wanted to bring that back," Kipp said.

The three had their work cut out for them. They removed decades-old layers of dirt and dust. But they wanted to keep many of the Union's original fixtures intact.

"We kept the ceiling, most of the floor, painted the same color it was before," Kipp said.

They even kept the bar, which features worry rubs that date back to World War I. The quarter-sized dents appeared as a superstition for those concerned about men serving overseas.

"People would just sit here and rub it and rub it and rub it. There's a couple that are probably a half inch deep," Kipp said.

Even today, people come in, sit down, and rub, remembering the old stories of their times at the Union Hotel.

"You still get a chill when you come in because it's been here for so long and so many people have come in here. We found all these old pictures we wanted to keep up," Kipp said.

The Union Hotel has taken on a few modern twists. There's flat screen TVs and of course a Facebook page. The page can be found by searching Old Union Hotel.