Action News On The Road - Binghamton

August 1, 2013 Updated Aug 1, 2013 at 6:32 PM EDT

The Chenango River Theater is known for their off-broadway quality performances, and they're only less than 20 minutes from downtown Binghamton. They're getting ready to open their musical “Ring of Fire”, which will run from Aug. 8th through Sept. 1. Ring of Fire is a tribute to one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century, Johnny Cash.

“We do tell some stories from his life, actually in his words, its language out of his autobiographies,” said Director Christ Blisset. “And we are being theatrical at certain moments, but for a lot of the show we're just standing there uh as a folk rock band doing the, paying the best of tribute to this man that we can.”

Chenango River Theater is a professional theater that uses Equity Association Actors from all over the country.

“So we think it offers the community access to a better level of production on stage that will match up with anything that you can see at any big city in the country,” said Artistic and Managing Director, Bill Lelbach.



Just down the road from from the theater is Hoopla a brand-new frozen yogurt place.

“Well this is a self serve concept that you can mix or match, you can have a lot or you can have a little, we've got a whole fresh fruit and toppings bar, that once again you're creating your own ice cream the way you want it,” said Owner Scott Searles.

Hoopla also has some healthy alternatives for those who are watching their weight.

“We've got a lot of fresh fruit flavors, we've got sorbets, we have non fat, no sugar added, we've got hot fudge,we've also got no sugar-added hot fudge, so we're really trying to do a good job balancing the decadent with the healthy,” Searles said.

Hoopla has 24 different flavors ranging from Tahitian vanilla to ooey gooey cinnamon bun, and they have a whole bunch of toppings so you can make it as decadent as you'd like.

At Apple Hills in Binghamton, it’s blueberry season. The owners said its a great crop this year, and they also told me not to be afraid to sample while you pick.

“This look like one of the best years we've had in quite a while,” said Part Owner David Johnson. “We've ahead lots of rain and the growing conditions are excellent, so I'm pretty upbeat about this season it'll be quite good for us.”

And with 7 acres of blueberry, its doesn't take too long to fill up a bucket.

“It doesn't take to long you know,” Johnson said.  “It depends on how much help you got and how hungry you are.”

And depending on when you come to pick you can either stop for breakfast or lunch at the Apple Dumpling Cafe. The cafe features delicious, soups, sandwiches and panini's for lunch and is open year round.

Before heading out to pick you should call ahead or check their Facebook to make sure they're open for picking. For more information on apple hills log onto WBNG.com or friend me on Facebook and stay tuned for more on the road coming up.


 Want to feed a zebra, camel or kangaroo? Then you might want to take a trip out to Animal Adventure Park.  Just 15 minutes outside of Binghamton, Animal Adventure is an interactive, educational animal park. Kids and adults alike can see a wide variety of animals up close and personal.

 “You know in addition to our domestic barnyard stuff we have exotic animals such as lemurs, arctic wolves, zebra, ostriches, capybara, a lot of the animals that aren't often exhibited in New York,” said Owner Jordan Patch.

And if you come out make sure to take lots of pictures and upload them to you-news and we might use them right here on action news. If you have any questions about animal adventure log onto WBNG.com or friend me on Facebook and stay tuned as next week we're on the road in Otsego County.