Summer temps sizzle up

July 1, 2014 Updated Jul 1, 2014 at 6:39 PM EDT

Broome County (WBNG Binghamton)

Kids in the Southern Tier described the heat as "hotter than fire", "a zillion degrees", and "blazing".

With the warm summer weather becoming more severe, many people are suiting up to enjoy the heat at places like Highland Park in the Town of Union. Others are waking up every morning to brave the heat.

Their jobs are hard and necessary, and they do not stop for any type of weather.

"It seems like you can always get warm, ya know, when you're out in the cold," said highway maintenance worker, Lisa Weston. "But when you're out in this heat, you can only take so much off. And you're still going to be warm unless you're sitting in a pool."

Many families visited pools today to escape the hot sun.

While they cooled off, some workers did not find themselves as lucky.
They worked on the side of the road in 90 degree weather.

"This is something that they are very accustomed to doing," said Public Information Officer for NYSDOT, Dave Hamburg. "It's very hot out, but we realize that the work needs to be done."

After a long and record breaking cold winter, many were ready to welcome the hot sun with open arms.

For highway maintenance workers, both the summer heat and winter cold can cause less than ideal working conditions. They deal with these conditions as a team.

"We all work really well together. Joking and kidding which makes the day go through faster too, even in the heat," added Weston.