Binghamton Mayoral Race: Hat in for Hickey

By Erika Mahoney

April 18, 2013 Updated Apr 18, 2013 at 9:59 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Win or lose, Edward Hickey will nail the art of tie tying by the time November rolls around.

The local business owner and father of three threw his hat in for the Binghamton mayoral race Wednesday, and the evening didn't go by without a joke.

Inside a red, white and blue adorned ballroom at the Post 80 American Legion, he laughed about struggling to tie his tie before the big night.

Hickey will be running on the newly formed Eagle Party ticket as well as the Republican ticket.

He says he believes local residents want a "regular Joe" to lead the city.

If elected, he hopes to revive local parks and increase activities in the city.

"I want to have ethnic festivals every month," Hickey said."Whether it's a German fest, like an Oktoberfest, an Irish fest, an Italian fest, a Greek fest, a Middle Eastern fest or an Asian fest. I want the community to be represented as a whole. I want people to learn different cultures, different foods, different ways of life."

He also hopes to make Binghamton a city people move to, not away from.

Hickey's kids are ages 18, 15 and 2. He hopes his littlest, running around in a blue suit, will grow up in a better Binghamton.

"I want people to have a reason to come to Binghamton, from Endicott, from Johnson City, from Vestal. And I want those people to realize there's always something to do in Binghamton. We've got great restaurants, we've got great businesses."

The Republican ticket now includes Hickey and Richard David, who rejoined the race after dropping out earlier this year.

Hickey said in the coming weeks and months, he will meet with as many people as possible to discuss his plans and register volunteers. He'll also be spending a lot more time in front of a mirror -- learning how to tie a tighter Windsor knot.