Binghamton students showcase cars

By Chelsea Bishop

March 4, 2013 Updated Mar 4, 2013 at 1:26 PM EDT

Johnson City, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Mechanical engineering seniors showed off cars they built Saturday at the Oakdale Mall.

Two teams of Binghamton University students built two cars for their senior capstone projects -- one was a super-mileage car and the other was a mini baja for off-road terrain.

"You really need a passion for cars ... to be a part of this team," said Andrew Saggese, the leader of the nine-member team that built the baja car.

The baja car competes in the annual Society of Automotive Engineers competition to be the best off-road endurance car.

The other car is a super-mileage car that gets 700 miles per gallon, saving a lot of fuel and energy.

"Energy efficiency is definitely something I'm interested in, passionate about," said Ben Kleinman, a member of the super-mileage team. His team's car actually lost at their last competition; the winning team's car got around 800 miles per gallon.

Passersby, especially kids, hopped in and out of the cars at the mall, excited to learn about how they were made.

The engineering students weren't just showing off the cars. They were also looking for sponsors so they can continue building newer and more innovate models.

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