Board members view complete CV-CF merger study

By Kelly McCarthy

September 19, 2013 Updated Sep 19, 2013 at 7:31 PM EDT

Town of Chenango, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The much anticipated study on merging Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks school districts is done. The study does not come with any type of recommendation, it just details what a merged Chenango Valley and Chenango Forks school would look like and what parents and taxpayers need to know.

One of the consultants that put together the review says a combined district would not eliminate a lot of administrative positions.

"One of the things that have occurred of course over the last four of five years have been the tightening up of resources," said Dr. Dennis Sweeney of Organizational Leadership Services, "So both districts have really slimmed down if you will, and there's not a lot of ways that we could find, there's not a lot of extra expenditures there that we would say oh yeah sure we would do without this, or do without that."

The study lays out the first year budget plan. That will use a blended tax rate between the two districts, Chenango Valley taxpayers will see a slight decrease in taxes and those in Chenango Forks will see an increase.

"The challenges are going to be the differences in the tax rate between the two communities," said Interim Superintendent of Chenango Valley Schools, "And the programs and extracurricular offerings that a new district will allow."

A public meeting will be held on Oct. 2nd to allow parents and taxpayers to ask any questions.

One finding that is clear from this study, Dr. Sweeney said, is that both districts are now spending more than they're receiving in funding and state aid.