Catholic Students Donate Old Uniforms

By Lorne Fultonberg

October 20, 2012 Updated Nov 25, 2013 at 8:45 PM EDT

Binghamton (WBNG Binghamton) -- Students from Seton Catholic Central school are donating their old uniforms to Haitian orphanages.

Seton Catholic Central changed its school colors a year and a half ago. Rather than get rid of the uniforms though, Michele Williams came up with the idea of passing them forward on a field trip to the zoo with her son.

"I saw all these little children in blue uniforms and I thought, there's gotta be a place where we can find a home for these blue shirts," said Williams. "I'm happy to be able to help the children in Haiti who have just been so devastated by the earthquake and poverty."

Public education is free in Haiti, but students must have uniforms to attend, which proves to be a tough obstacle for poorer families.

"This allows students who might not be able to go to school to go to school and that's great," said Sister Lorraine Mangini, a member of Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus, which is transporting the clothing.

Williams says the school will be sending about 1,000 uniforms of all sizes to Haiti.

Mangini hopes it is a service experience that will make an impact on students' lives both present and future.

"We have students helping students," Mangini said. "And not only do we have students helping students, but we have one culture and from one nation helping the students from another nation. And that's really how we're going to bring peace to the world and understanding.

"Christ said part of our mission is focused on children and seniors, widows and orphans. The more that we do to take care of those groups, the better the world is going to be."