Colesville Fracking Forum

By Adam Chick

September 27, 2012 Updated Sep 28, 2012 at 9:21 AM EDT

Colesville, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Residents leaving the meeting regarding hydrofracking in Colesville said the meeting did nothing but make a harder decision even harder.

Two sides argued their point, both pro fracking and anti-fracking.

According to residents, the problem was that each side contradicted the other.

An example of this was whether or not fracking harms water sources.

"We called every state in the nation back in 2010 when we were first getting involved heavily in this. We asked every research agency and every state that has gas drilling in them, that's 28 of them, if they've ever had any water contamination as a result of hydrofracking. Every one said no," said Environmental Consultant Robert Williams.

"The water went bad in Springville, then it got near my house, two and a half miles away at Franklin Forks. The pat answer from the industry is we didn't do it. Every single time," said Silver Lake Township, PA resident Craig Stevens.

Colesville made no decision whether or not to implement a moratorium on fracking.

This was simply an informational meeting.