Coventry Civil War Reenactment

By Adam Chick

October 7, 2012 Updated Oct 8, 2012 at 12:29 PM EDT

Coventry, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The town of Coventry's Museum Association held their 8th annual war reenactment.

"There are times when there's nothing modern around you and things will fall into place and that's what we call moments. It's just like being there," said Douglas Oakes.

For 15-year-old Austin Savage and the rest of the reenactors it's become more than dressing up and firing guns.

It's a way of life.

"When I started participating in things I kind of started getting the mentality of what we were doing. Teaching the public about what happened and what was right," said Austin Savage.

Austin's dad got him involved in the reenactments.

He's been doing them for 28 years.

He likes it because it was a different style of warfare.

"The era is different from the mentality of today. Of course we've got modern tactics. Where as back in the 1860's they were doing Nepolianic warfare. Shoulder to shoulder, marching into massive lines of guns. And the courage that it took to do that is something to read up more about," said Steve Savage.

Brian Swartz relishes the chance to get away from the modern world.

The technology, cell phones, and computers he could do without.

But what he loves most is the lifelong friends he's made.

"These are the greatest people you're ever going to meet in your life. You have a common bond, which you don't come across very often. And all that always makes it worth it," said Brian Swartz.

The Coventry Town Museum Association hopes to keep doing the reenactments for years to come.