Dodging potholes on Riverside Drive

By Kelly McCarthy

February 27, 2014 Updated Feb 27, 2014 at 7:22 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) For people driving down some Binghamton city streets, it may seem more like dodging potholes than staying straight on the road.

"It's like weaving in and out of cones because there's so many potholes," said one Binghamton driver.

Riverside Drive is one of the areas drivers complain about the most. Binghamton Mayor Rich David said it's among the worst streets in the city.

"Riverside Drive is among the worst impacted streets in the city of Binghamton." said David, "It's no secret that that's the case."

Crews have been out "cold patching" potholes on Riverside Drive every week since January, but the fix only goes so far.

"Cold patch is only temporary," David said, "And what happens is, every time it snows, when the plows go up and down the streets, sometimes our efforts to fill the potholes become undone."

Drivers said the conditions are leaving them frustrated.

"It's getting worse because the damages are not being fixed," said one Binghamton driver.

Some drivers are unsure of the safest way to navigate the roads.

"I don't know if you're supposed to break or go right over it," One driver said, "But either way you're beating the heck out of your car."

David said the city is working on a long-term plan to reconstruct as many Binghamton streets as possible.

"Specifically some of the larger ones that are in various stages of disrepair," David said. He mentioned Prospect Street, Conklin Avenue and Riverside Drive

Drivers can expect to see some type of relief this spring.

"It's a daily conversation we're having right now," David said, "Mill and pave versus reconstruct on Riverside Drive."

It's still a financial battle whether road can be completely reconstructed, even though Mayor David said that's the kind of repair he would like to see.