Downtown businesses cope with smoke damage after fire

By Jillian Marshall

April 30, 2014 Updated May 1, 2014 at 2:30 PM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) On Tuesday night the Ellis Brothers Furniture Store stood fully intact, 24 hours later, the gutted building is being monitored after a massive fire. Nearby businesses also felt the effects of the blaze.

One of those businesses is Galaxy Brewing Co. which suffered from smoke damage.

"The smoke actually got pretty thick in here," said owner Michael Weisel.

The restaurant's kitchen is only a few feet away from the back of the Ellis Brothers' building.

SERVPRO, a fire and water clean up company, said the smoke from this fire was worse than normal because different chemicals were released from the burning furniture.

"That can actually contribute to the type of odor and also type of soot that is located within the building itself," said Vice President of Production Justin Sepe.

Sepe said Galaxy is a business with a possibility of high soot contamination because of its ventilation and kitchen hood system.

SERVPRO installed two ozone systems inside the brewery, the systems remove the oxygen from the air and replace it with ozone, to rid the smoke and soot.

Despite the fire's effect on local businesses - including his own - Weisel said his heart goes out to the Ellis family and their Water St. neighbors.

"It's not just us, there's Water St. right over, close to the fire, and Nirchi's. It is a blow, no one likes to see loss," Weisel said.

Galaxy continued the ozone process, but it - like much of the other downtown businesses - will be open on Thursday.

As for the Ellis Brothers' building, Binghamton Police and Fire crews will be monitoring the century old building through Wednesday night.