FAA Investigates Air Drop of Seismic Equipment

By Lindsay Nielsen

January 30, 2012 Updated Jan 30, 2012 at 7:53 PM EDT

Jackson Township, PA (WBNG Binghamton) The FAA's investigating after a Pennsylvania homeowner says a helicopter missed its target and dropped heavy equipment onto her deck.

A homeowner in Jackson Township says she was terrified Sunday afternoon when a helicopter dropped a bag of seismic equipment, she says just feet from her home.

Kathy Kaminsky's home is off Township Road 712 or Gaylord Road.

Seismic testing is a technology used to search for pockets of natural gas.

Cougar Land Services is a company that works with land crews and seismic companies

A Cougar project manager visited Kaminsky's property today.

The manger says Cougar believes equipment landed somewhere else, and not on her deck as Kaminsky says.

The company did not want to comment any further on that.

The Federal Aviation Administration is also investigating

The agency took photos of a pink stake placed a little further away near a pond.

"I'm not looking to gain anything myself I just don't think that they should be dropping bags on people without telling them. I'm looking to make it public that this is how it works so that nobody else has to go through this because that's not fair," says Kaminsky.

"Yes I'm sure she's very concerned with the distance that it was dropped from the home itself. At this particular time we're investigating there's no comment as far as why it dropped, how it dropped so until we do a further investigation we couldn't comment on anything else," says Aviation Safety Inspector with the FAA, Bob Ference.

Kathy Kaminsky has two gas leases on her property, One with Cabot Oil and Gas, and another with Southwestern Gas.

Cabot tells Action News the air drop of the seismic equipment was not a part of its operations.

Southwestern says it is investigating.

It doesn't know if the equipment was part of its gas drilling operations.