Families of ACA Shooting React to New Gun Bill

By Erika Mahoney

January 16, 2013 Updated Jan 16, 2013 at 3:12 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) When Lubomyr Zobniw learned New York had become the first state to enact additional gun reform measures since the Sandy Hook shooting, he questioned whether the wide-sweeping initiative was enough.

"I am wondering whether new laws will really solve the problem," Zobniw said.

Zobniw lost his wife in 2009 during the worst mass shooting in Binghamton's history. Jiverly Wong opened fire at the American Civic Association, killing 13 people.

He's still shaken to his core thinking about the day.

He says the written word of the law is distant, and that a solution revolves instead around compassion. He says it's time we rely on instincts, as human beings, to protect one another.

"Be a good Samaritan," Zobniw said. "In other words, you see something, and you'll let the authorities know. You inherently should know right from wrong. If our community can not tell where something leads, then there is a big vacuum. And that vacuum needs to be solved within the schools, within high schools, within everywhere."

When asked whether he thought having such legislation on the books back in 2009 would have prevented the tragedy, he said he simply isn't sure.

It's a response echoed by Dr. Jeffrey King, who lost his mother in the ACA shooting.

"We miss her everyday," King said. "She was a wonderful person, and I know she touched many lives in this community."

Although the tragedy connects him to Zobniw, he interprets the move by lawmakers differently.

"Maybe we can stop a bit of it, it's a good start," King said. "I'm not against responsible gun ownership, but I do think it's getting outrageous. We've all learned it's not only the other person and that it can happen anywhere, whether it's a school, a cinema, a mall, it's endless."

King says he wishes we could all live a life where we are not constantly worried about the "what if's."

He says he hopes this legislation takes some of that fear away.