Flash flooding puts parts of village under water

By Jillian Marshall

June 29, 2013 Updated Jun 29, 2013 at 6:58 PM EDT

Village of Sherburne, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Approximately five inches of rain saturated a village in Chenango County leaving roads covered and homes evacuated, but the community says they're used to the water.

Village Mayor Bill Acee says two storms were what did the village in Thursday night.

The first dropped two inches quickly on the community and led to flash floods that closed than a half dozen roads and inundated basements of homes.

After the first storm, Chenango County Emergency officials were able to predict some of the outcome of the second storm's heavy rain and began evacuating the community. Crews set up a shelter at a local elementary school where 12 people stayed Thursday night.

Sherburne was hit with similar floods exactly seven years ago on June 27, 2006, and the community says they've become accustomed to water around their homes and village.

"They say 'flash floods,' when they say flash flood I certainly know what they mean," James Gager said.

"It gets pretty bad, but this is pretty normal for here, for here in Sherburne," Nicholas Jones said.

Authorities are warning residents of Chenango County to stay out of flood waters.

The ground under the water could be weak and have dangerous holes, as well as garbage, debris and even snakes.

As of Friday night, most of the water had dissipated and most barricaded roads were reopened in the village.

Acee says if flooding gets worse, a shelter at the elementary school would be reopened.