Friday Flooding: Sidney Flood Stricken Again

By Jim Rotundo

Friday Flooding: Sidney Flood Stricken Again

September 9, 2011 Updated Sep 9, 2011 at 8:25 PM EDT

Sidney, NY (WBNG Binghamton) There are very few ways to get in, out and around the Village of Sidney. Friday morning, the Susquehanna River was still dangerously close to the bridge here at the end of Main Street.

Our reporter had to walk to get into town, where the scene is eerily reminiscent of 2006 when floods ravaged the area.

Several people we talked to had just finished home repairs as a result of that disaster, now they feel they've lost everything.

"There's still places that haven't been cleaned out from 06, and people don't want to go through it and they'll pack up and leave," says Daylon Barr, who lives in the Village.

"A lot of prayers need to be said for the whole community," says Ruth LaRose, also of Sidney. "There' s a lot of restoration that's gotta be done, patience. I don't know if people would stay in there homes again after this flood. There' s people talking that they're just gonna walk away. Their hearts can't take it anymore, and there's gonna be some strong decisions that have to be made."

People are urged to stay out of the water as several propane leaks have been reported.

The Amphenol Corporation remains closed until further notice.