Joint sewage board presents cheaper budget this year

By Jillian Marshall

September 24, 2013 Updated Sep 25, 2013 at 12:51 AM EDT

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) The 2014 proposed budget for the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Board is more than 30 percent lower than what was adopted last year.

The joint sewage board presented its 2014 proposed budget Tuesday to Binghamton City Council members and Johnson City trustees for the second time.

The board says their proposed $11.3 million budget is 31.5 percent less than the budget that was adopted last year.

"It's never possible to predict in advance exactly what's going to happen in a year," said Edward Crumb, finance chairman of the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Board.

Even with the decrease in budget amount, Binghamton's Board of Estimates and Apportionments is proposing a rate hike of 23 percent for their residents.

Council members and trustees say they are still in the preliminary stages of budgeting and they plan to adjust costs to shrink future rate increases.

"We're trying to lower this because they've got a 23 percent rate hike, it's not fair to the taxpayers," said Councilman John Matzo. "So that's why we're really looking into this and really tightly for."

The board is also proposing to purchase parts of a dump truck to improve one they already own.

Only one position, Operator II, will not be filled in 2014. The position is not eliminated, but will not be funded next year. The position is current vacant.

The final budget will be approved in October.